Wang, Hao Biography

Born in Daan, China in 1977 to a traditional Chinese folk artist family, Hao’s life started a very challenging journey for his family. Due to a neurological issue called hydrocephalus, he could not walk until age 10. His physical difficulties prevented him from having a normal childhood. But he was surrounded by the artistic atmosphere and love of three generations of his family. He started to show a strong interest and talent in creating art and learned drawing, calligraphy, Chinese painting, murals and paper cutting at a young age. This led to drawing and painting becoming everything in his later life.
​Hao Wang’s Chinese color pigment paintings combine Chinese folk art with a western, modern aesthetic and use vibrant color to convey love. A love of nature and all creatures, and of the innocent and unparalleled influence that a mother plays in an adult’s world. Hao’s unique style is driven by his innate artistic vision that springs from the depth of his heart. Each of his paintings tells a story of love. His mother’s love and influence is the source of his inspiration and creativity, It serves as the main subject of his work and has given him the strength and courage to fight against his disease for over 40 years. 

“The love that my mother has given to me is the light in my life. She has guided me, and given me the strength to go through all those difficult times. She helped me build a positive and optimistic character. I always believe in the hope, love, innocence and kindness we are all born with and that we should never lose or forget. I want to use my work to reflect and pass my mother’s love to the world.” – Hao Wang 

After years of practice and innovation, Hao's unprecedented style and the use of the traditional Chinese color pigment has made him one of kind painter in China's contemporary art society. Often being called “China’s Picasso”, Hao's fascinating, highly refined, storytelling paintings have received great attention from collectors worldwide. He has exhibited in many art museums, art fairs and trade shows in China, as well as in Italy and US. His has received numerous awards. His works are in the permanent collection of the Guan Shanyue Art Museum in Shenzhen, China.
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