Liu, Fuchun Biography

Born in 1964 in Changchun, China, Fuchun Liu graduated from the Jilin Academy of Art in 1991. Other than a period from 1999 to 2001 when he studied Zen Buddhism, Fuchun has worked as a professional artist for nearly three decades.

Mr. Liu is proficient in various media, including oil, acrylic, and Chinese ink paintings. His works are a natural release of emotions using conceptual art to invoke curiosity and thinking. They introduce a unique style that combines the charm of the East with the straightforwardness of the West. The friction between natural symbols and colors in his work shows vitality, but perhaps with a touch of madness.

Fuchun's work often shows the influence of his Zen practice, using simplicity to reveal a deep, conscious understanding and awareness of the human experience. The color of in his still life paintings is direct and bold, the foreground and the background are naturally coordinated. The seemingly childish brush strokes are indeed the road to Zen. Real life experience is always the inspiration for art creation. In some of Fuchun's oil paintings, he recreates memories from his youth, such as the cumbersome old machines, the endless land, and the sweaty cultivators. He quietly brings forth a vivid picture to the viewers and reveals a fragment of the absurd and somewhat tragic history of China in the 60’s and 70’s. For most, this time has become a long faded memory.
In his life long journey of creating art, Fuchun has always explored art on his own terms. His Chinese ink paintings bring freshness and originality back to this traditional art genre. It is especially valuable that an artist can stand on his own feet and is faithful to his own vision during the unprecedented chaos of the current wave of pan-commercial art occurring in China. 
Mr. Liu is currently living in Beijing and dedicating all of his time to creating art in his studio. His works have been collected by several Chinese art institutions and many private collectors.


  • The China International Art Fair, Beijing, 1997
  • Liu, Fuchun Solo Exhibition, Ancient Gallery, Beijing, 1997
  • Liu Fuchun Solo Exhibition, Chiran Gallery, Beijing, 1998
  • Liu Fuchun Solo Exhibition,Moganshan Art District, Shanghai, 2003
  • The Love of Land - Liu Fuchun Solo Exhibition, Ribo Ai Nu Gallery, Beijing, 2007
  • Land Impression - Liu Fuchun Solo Exhibition, Yisen Gallery, Beijing, 2007
  • Liu Fuchun Solo exhibition, SIMPLE Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing, 2009
Art Review:
Yu Guoliang, Professor of Jilin Academy of Art, 2001, [A Pure Land in Poverty--Liu Fuchun's Paintings]
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