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Born in 1964 in Huangshi, China, Jiming Hua graduated from Hubei Academy of Fine Art in 1992 with a BFA. In 2001, Hua moved to Beijing from Huangshi with his family seeking a wider audience for his art development. 


Like most artists of his times, he lived through the Cultural Revolution, and embraced the subsequent wave of Reform and Opening-up. His artistic development is closely associated with the evolution of contemporary Chinese art. He became a member of the “Being and Not-being” Artists Club in China in 1986. In 1992, with a group of artists, he established the SHS Art Group with great enthusiasm and attempted to explore both performance art and oil painting.

Although widely known for his performance art, which aroused people’s reflection over their living environment and experiences through self-sacrifice, Hua is most noted in Chinese contemporary art society for his paintings that present art history in a narrative format.  


Hua believes that Chinese contemporary art is both a complex mixture of and a vital part of the international art landscape. He pays close attention to the history of Chinese contemporary art as well as western art history and they have become his inspiration. In Hua’s words: “in our living art circle, what moves me and inspires me the most are those contemporary art works. In my opinion, these works, just like flowers and trees, are also a part of nature and life.” His technique often involves tampering with and repurposing the parts of contemporary art that are worthy of selection, appropriation and reproduction. These elements are reconstructed into new works in forms such as large scale historical collages and Time Magazine parodies.  

As an attempt to discover new possibilities for artistic creation, Hua coping of original works is an artist’s conscious and brave method to appreciate art. In Hua’s visual expressions, such as Bohemianism, Gaudy Art, Political Pop, New Generation, New Expressionism and Cartoon Generation, he combines the visual narration of performance art, the juxtaposition and reconstruction of different narrative images, the de-familiarized visual experience conveyed through familiar visual experience, the complexity and ambiguity of narrative connotations, the heterogeneous nature of visual styles, and, in particular, a conscious pondering over and expression of contemporary art development which is felt in the interaction between various images. The relationship between images, the image and its audience, the image and its creator also triggers people’s thoughts. In all this, Hua is conducting an intellectual and archaeological field investigation on the reform of arts brought about by the Reform and Opening-up via his sincerity and affection. Hua brings to his audiences a colorful and non-linear history of Modern Art from a multi-cultural perspective.

Currently, Hua is living in Beijing with his wife, who is also an artist, and continues to create art in his studio.


  • "Guanyao Visual Art Biennial Exhibition", Hunchun, Huibei, China, 2018
  •  "The 6th Friendship International Art Festival", Taihang Mountain Art Museum, Linzhao, China, 2017
  • "The 10th Songzhuang Art Festival", Shanghang Art Museum, Beijing, 2017
  • "Time in Nature " Solo Art Exhibition, Beijing Quan International Art Space, Beijing, 2017
  • "Nanjing Art Expo", Beijiahu Art Residence, Nanjing, China, 2016
  • "World--Graffiti: Free Writing Sixth Exhibition", Hantang Art Space, Beijing, China, 2016
  • “The 13th CongJu International Art Festival”, Linli Art Museum, South Korea, 2016
  •  "Micro Art Fair" Jiuceng Art Museum, Beijing, 2015
  • “Ten Thousand Gods”,  Chinese Contemporary Art’s Zen Family Exhibition,  Songzhuang  Contemporary Art Literature Museum,  Beijing, 2015
  • "Action Plan 3", Songzhuang NO! SPACE, Beijing, 2015
  • "Contemporary Art Exhibition",  Yihailangqioa Art Salon, Beijing, 2015
  • "Riverside District from 1996 to 2004 " Group Exhibition , Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, 2014
  • "Contemporary Art Exhibition",  Yihailangqioa Art Salon, Beijing, 2014 
  • "Dissolved",  Songzhuang Art Exchange Exhibition, Dou Jiao Art Museum, Beijing, 2014
  • "Open circuit" exhibition, Standard Bank Art Gallery, Johannesburg , South Africa, 2013 
  • “From Great Wall to Table Mountain“ Solo Exhibition, Diamond Museum of Art, Wuhan, China, 2013
  • The 4th (2012-2013 )Biennal Culture and Art Award, 2013
  • Erdos "Culture - Desert" Library Butch Contemporary Art Exhibition, 2012
  • “Open Road” International Art Invitational Exhibition,Grahamstown, South Africa, 2012
  • “International Collection Exhibition”, Copelouzos Family Museum, Greece, 2012
  • “Retrospect and Prospect" Hubei Oil Painting Art Exhibition, Wuhan, China, 2011
  • “History New Songzhuang" at Shangshang Art Gallery, Beijing, 2011
  • “Infecting the City” Art Festival at Cape Town, South Africa, 2010
  • "Art Collection Exhibition", Diamond art Museum, Wuhan, China, 2010
  • "No.13 'No' Art Exhibition", Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, 2010
  • "No Difference", Dawang Cultural Highlands, Shenzhen, 2010
  • “No.13 ‘No’ Art Exhibition”, Duffy Cigar Gallery, Kunming, Yunnan, 2009
  • “Original Oil Painting Invitational Art Exhibition”, Shangdong Art Workshop, Beijing, 2008
  • “Time and Space”, Art Museum of the Daegu MJ, South Korea, 2008
  • “Early Spring in February” Group Art Exhibition, East Art Center, Beijing, 2008
  • “Guanghua Men Arts Festival- Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Hall of Guanyin, Beijing, 2008
  • “New York Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Asian Arts Center in Manhattan, New York, US, 2008
  • “Normality Four People’s Collection Exhibition”, Asian Art Center, Beijing Gallery, 2007
  • “The First Art Documentary Exhibition - Meditation. Appropriation. Vague” at Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing, 2007
  • “Collection Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art”, Yang Gallery, Singapore, 2007
  • “Living in Song Zhuang”, Song Zhuang Art Museum, Beijing, 2007
  • “Contemporary Art Exhibition of Shanghai Art Exposition” at Shanghai Exhibition Center, 2007
  • “Attitude Exhibition II” Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, 2007
  • “Song Zhuang Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition”, Beijing, China, 2006
  • “The Power No.2 Art Exhibition”, 798 Jindu Art Center, Beijing, China 2006
  • “The Power No.3 Art Exhibition”, Shangshang Art Museum, Beijing, China 2006
  • "Very" Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition”, Ren Gallery, 798, Beijing, China, 2006
  • “In-determination Expression Method Exhibition”, 798, Beijing, China, 2005
  • “Ambiguity-the Ambiguity Art Exhibition”, 798, Beijing, China, 2005
  • “The Power Art Exhibition”, Beijing, China, 2004
  • “Human Life Firework Art Exhibition”, Beijing, China, 2004
  • “Live Art Festival”, Beijing, China, 2003
  • “Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition”, Beijing, China 2002
  • “Arts Attack and Peace Art Festival”, Hong Kong, 2002
  • “Strange and Smile Exhibition”, BS Art Studio, Beijing, China 2002
  • Performance Art “Great Wall Crawler”, Beijing, China, 2001
  • Performance Art “Aiming at Me”, Huangshi, Hubei, China , 2000
  • Performance Art “Free Communication”, Huangshi, China, 1997
  • Performance Art "Black Leather Suitcase”, Fuqing, Fujian, China, 1996
  • Performance Art "Walking on Foot” from Huangshi to Huangmei", Hubei, China, 1995
  • "The 3rd Chinese Art Documentary Exhibition”, Shanghai, China, 1994
  • Performance Art "A Rope Passes Through A Ton of Books", Huangshi, Hubei, China, 1994
  • Performance Art “Big Glass-Paradise in Dream”, Huangshi, China, 1993
  • “Twelve Colors” Biennial Art Exhibition, Guangzhou, China, 1992
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China Hundreds Year Art History

Oil on canvas, 100cmX330cm, 2014


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