Hu, Maosheng Biography

Born in 1964 in Jilin, China, Maosheng Hu graduated from Jinlin Lishu Normal University in 1986 with BA in fine art. During the course of his college life, he has focused on studying design, textiles, print making and dyeing. The skills and the experiences he gained during that time directly impacted and were reflected in his later career as a professional oil painter. After he graduated, Maosheng started his art career as an illustrator at a local movie theater, and later the art and cultural center. After 14 years painting and creating art daily, he moved to Beijing with his wife and daughter in 2000. There he created his own art studio and has been dedicating all his love to oil painting since then.

Maosheng is best known for his portraits of the Tibetan people. Many of his paintings depict the sacred and spiritual lifestyle that people living in the high plateau have been following for centuries. He believes that the source of art lives and perceives life. For Maosheng, Tibet is the ranch of his heart, the source of his spirit, and the fertile ground for the creation of his works. He frequently travels to the high plateau to create sketches and then brings them back to the studio and spends months and years to complete each painting. His paintings are full of passion and capture the sacred and compassionate spirit of Tibet. Each scene shows life’s tenacity.

Maosheng continuously depicts, portrays, and resolves the contradictory. Finding a unity of differences, he constantly refines and deepens his artistic language, and as a result improves himself. His attitude shows that an artist must persist in his own path, defend his distinct style, and find an art form that is in harmony with his own feelings. Maosheng’s artistic achievements are the result of treating both art and people with sincerity.

Maosheng’s paintings have been frequently featured at art expositions and auctions. The Blessing series of large paintings were collected by private art collectors from Hongkong and Taiwan in 2012. The large-scale painting, Buddha's Light, was collected by the well-known Chinese comedian and art collector Mr. Jian Kun in 2016. 


  • The 88th Anniversary of Chinese Army Art Exhibition, 2015
  • Looking Back China Five Thousand Years Oil Paintings Art Exhibition, China, 2014
  • Asia Art Gallery Art Exhibition, China, 2012
  • Elephant Road Oil Paintings Art Exhibition, China, 2010
  • Welcome Olympics Five Circles China Oil Painting Exhibition, China 2008
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