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Cui, Guochen Biography

Born in 1955 in Hailin, China, Guochen Cui (also style himself as Gingshan "炳山") is a national signature artist of the Chinese Native Art Association, a member of the Beijing Oil Painting Association and the Chinese Artist Association. He graduated from Mudanjiang Normal University with a BA in 1977 and then received his MFA from Luxun Art Academy. He studied under Wenxin Zhang (1928-), a Master Signature Painter of the Oil Painters of America. From whom, he was truly inspired and learned the essence of impressionistic painting.

Cui Guochen, Chinese Artist

As a professional artist in the Hailin Cultural Museum for nearly four decades, he immersed himself in landscape painting. And his real love is painting in plein aire. In his life-long painting career, he has created countless masterful works that capture his hometown, canal cities, the countryside, and various distinct locations in China. Through the years, he has absorbed various influences to create his own unique style, which is characterized with free, bold brushstrokes, and yet maintains a sophisticated elegance. He excavates the language of beauty from everyday scenes. He continues to impress his collectors with his innovative and imaginative impressionistic renderings. 

Guochen's works have been published and exhibited nation-wide in China, South East Asia, Europe and US, as well as receiving many awards. His works are in many private collections worldwide.

Guochen currently lives in Beijing with his loving wife and continues painting in plein aire. 

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